Canvas Restoration

Do you have an oil painting thats scratched or has been damaged in some way? Do you have an acrylic painting thats cracked due to extreme heat? Or do you have a small sentimental piece that has an unsightly blemish? Well don’t despair, we can resurrect your memories by restoring them to their former glory.

Sometimes they can be instantly rejuvenated by one of our select expert suppliers or occasionally they just need a little bit of restoration time and TLC to get them right again.

Don’t risk it to other art framers, we only use the best art retouchers in Perth, contact us on the links below to find out more.


Sometimes Perhaps you want a reproduction of an existing photo because its old and scratched? Or the print you bought is unfortunately damaged? At Mt Lawley and Claremont art framers we can reproduce these images exactly how they looked the first time around.

We are well versed in Adobe Photoshop, so if its a small mark we can alter in house. Or if its too time consuming and it requires specialised re touching, we send it off to one of our expert suppliers. Contact us on the links below to find out more.